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55 - 邻居 - lín jū - neighbor / 把 (grammar)

lín jū
· neighbor
wǒ de lín jū dòu dòu lóng
My neighbour Totoro

 把 (Grammar)

Structure :
Subject +  把 + object + verb + other elements

Aim : The aim is to shift the object before the verb to highlight it. Normally the object should always be after the verb. But here, as you put 把, then you can put the object right after it and before the verb.

The verb must be an action with an effect or result. The aim is to show the CHANGE or INFLUENCE by the ACTION (verb) onto its object.

请     你 把  那   本   书   给   我  看  看。
qǐng  nǐ  bǎ  nà  běn  shū  gěi  wǒ  kàn  kàn 。
Please, you this book pass me to take a look.

             S    +   O  +   V            Others

Original form of this sentence should be :
     S  + V + Others + Object

qǐng gěi lín jū zhè gè dàn gāo 。

Becomes :

qǐng bǎ zhè gè dàn gāo gěi lín jū 。 



· neighbor
· adjacent
· close to

· reside

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